Eker Group AS

The well recognized entrepreneur Bård Eker is the owner and Managing Director of Eker Group AS. The purpose of Eker Group is to be a holding company and hold common resources. The company was established in 1989 in the Old Town of Fredrikstad, after rebuilding all stables in the backyard to workshops and all lofts to design offices, we had to look for more space in the mid 90’s, and found a 7 decare field outside Fredrikstad. We built the first buildings, with architecture to fit to the agricultural environment, later we have added more buildings, and now we have 6 separate units which holds everything we need in the development process, studio space, workshops, CNC, FDM unit, Scanning unit, thermal labs, paint shop etc.

Through our total design concept, we can give our clients support in the entire development process, we focus on performance, timeliness, quality and cost and take the responsibility of giving the clients what they expect.

We’ve managed the development service for many clients successfully, and it is our business model that we get honored for. We also run our business as lean and mean as we run our clients development processes, which means that we’re always chasing best performance per cost. ads to new concepts and new manufacturing units. These are often small and effective groups with high level of knowledge and short decision time. We favor this way of working, and in 2003, when we met with Koenigsegg both parties immediately caught interest of working together.

We have been a part of the CCX program since the start. The CCX was designed to meet the US certification regulations, and improved for a higher production volume. Our involvement with Koenigsegg, has proven that we can manage high performance development for the car industry and we now have proposals from other companies in the industry that want our services.


Eker Group AS is today owner/part-owner of the following companies:


Eker Design AS: www.ekerdesign.com


Hydrolift AS: www.hydrolift.com


Koenigsegg AB: www.koenigsegg.com


Cargine AB: www.cargine.com